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What wiring kit to get for Alpine MRP-M500 with 1 12" SWR-1242D Type R(1500w)?

Question 1
What wiring kit to get for Alpine MRP-M500 with 1 12" SWR-1242D Type R(1500w)?...  I can't seem to find anything on this. I just received my Alpine MRP-M500 amplifier and just ordered one 12" Alpine Type R subwoofer(SWR-1242D, 4 ohms). First, the amplifier says 500w RMS x 1 at 2 ohms and 300w RMS x 1 at 4 ohms. Which would be the best setting for the 4 ohm sub? I've read that people hook it up with the 500w setting. I don't know how to hook anything up, I was just planning on following online directions. Then comes the next question. Walmart sells amp wiring kits by Schosche, but are various types by the peak power of the amplifier. The amplifier says nothing about peak power just the RMS. Are those wiring kits good? They sell 1600w, 1200w and 600w. Which one should I get to hook up the M500 and Type R?

Please help:(



1)   Your sub is the 4 ohm version, but its a DUAL voice coil sub. So with both coils wired together in parallel, the sub will show the amp a 2 ohm load, which is perfect, and the sub will get 500 watts.

Dont go by watt ratings on the amp kits. You need a 4 gauge kit, thats all you need to know. Here is a good kit thats affordable. - odinsragess

2)   if you want to buy a kit from walmart then get the biggest one i think it was 4 guage wire. It will be good up to like 1400ish watts just incase if you ever waqnt to ungrade in the future. The Type R has dual 4 ohm voice coils, this means that on the side of the subwoofer you have 2 hot terminals and 2 ground terminals. wire hot to hot then to the hot of your amp and then ground to ground then to the ground of your amp. Like this:

That will give you a 2ohm load to your amp - Travis E

3)   4 gauge wiring kit should do you good. I used to have that amp also. Go to a local shop you'll probably find a good fairly priced kit. I got a sound quest 4 gauge kit for like 50 and it hasnt caused any problems for me. - Drew dawg


Question 2
Need help with info on car subs?...  So, I'm turning sixteen in like a month, and I'm thinking about getting subs for my 2003 Escape. I'm a girl and completely clueless about this stuff. Like I know nothing about amps and stuff. Around how much would it all cost, how hard are they to install? Could someone just explain everything to me, like what all I need, what kind to buy, if I should get them, and about the amp and stuff haha, thankss.
Also, would I like need to install a different radio too?

1)   This is dangerous information for someone who has no clue. Before you overdo things listening to people who are all about being the loudest, visit a few stereo shops and talk to the techs who will tell you and show you how stuff works and what is most suitable for your car. You really can get very decent performance without spending a month's pay on the largest stuff that can be wedged in. Sometimes, size is not all that important. Quality counts more. Try to have a stereo that sounds like being at a small concert. Not one which leaves you deaf, but one you enjoy.

If they teach electronics in your school, you can learn things that will serve you for the rest of your life in one or two courses. - don r

2)   since you don't know nothing go to best buy and ask don't go to a local car shop they may make you buy things that are too expensive and they may get your money. best buy would help you out some times. Would you have to buy a new radio, no you don't need a new head unit. what you need to buy depends all on you how good quality you want the music to be or how loud. many people don't change their stock speakers while others do for many reasons, but if i were you i would just go to best buy and ask them its a ton of things to list from wires to speakers, amps, subs, head units, tweeters, how much the out put is... - Omar Bravo fan # 1

3)   Avoid best buy like the plague, they do very poor work and quality is certainly not there from them.

A new radio would be needed, since the stock stereo does not have enough power for aftermarket systems that you are more than likely looking for. When your looking for a stereo, look for a stereo that has 3 sets of preamp outs, 1 set for the front speakers, 1 set for the rear speakers, and 1 set for subs. You can find some stereos that are not used but are a couple model years old and will sell for big discounts.

For your speakers you will want quality speakers, these you need to do some homework on, avoid anything from JL Audio because they want way too much money for anything with their name associated with. Avoid Sony car audio as well, very poor sound reproduction. For 6.5" components I would sugggest Elemental Designs e9.65i, they are $225 a set though, but are audiophile speakers. Other brands are CDT Audio, Diamond Audio, and others just too many to list. For your subs Kicker makes some decent subs like the CVR and CVX lines, others are Rockford Fosgate, and Orion. For amps, there are some decent low budget amps out there as well. Power Acoustik is a low budget amp, Crunch and HiFonics are as well. You will not get the full rms out of the amps though, but it will not be that far off. HiFonics amps will give you the rms wattage that is advertised. Installation of everything should be around $300 for everything. - georgewillings


Question 3
How can I set up a Bangin Car Audio system in my Civic?...  I drive a 1988 Honda Civic DX 4 door Sedan! I want to install a bangin car audio set up. What all do i need? Can I do all the work myself? How much will all of this cost me? Any advice is welcome! Thanks!
Im scared of the system draining my battery and making my car die. So is there any way to get a separate battery to sit in the trunk with the system? If so how do i go about doing thins? is it easy?

1)   nope -

2)   If you have never installed anything before then you better dedicate about 12hours worth of reading and learning before you will get it right. Go to your local battery store and get a battery with a high AmpHour rating (100 or better). Get about 8 foot worth of 1/0 guage wire and do the big 3 (research if you dont know what that is). Go to and get a 1000.1 amp, and 2 RD Classic 12s. Then build a box that is around 4cu ft ported with about 48sq in of port tuned close to 34hz. This setup will beat your honda apart gaurenteed. Go to to do research. Good luck. - Travis E

3)   Its not as easy at it sounds. Firstly, a "bangin" system will go deep into your pockets. There are a whole bunch of components that are necessary for the ultimate sound system, and they arent cheap. As a nub to the car audio world, it is best to go for a mediocre system. Might cost you around 500+ but at least you could get a feel for what you really want.First, a descent aftermarket stereo and speakers. Then an amp for your speakers, or if you like bass, add some subs. Keep in mind you have a civic and your battery power wont be able to handle alot of power. So you might need to upgrade that end. I recommend researching deep into car audio to figure out what you really want so you wont regret. (trust me i learned the hard way.) - Drew dawg


Question 4
Crossover Frequency control for car subwoofer?...  the amp im getting has a crossover frequency control from 50hz to 200hz...if i turn it all the way up to 200, does this mean i can turn the bass from my pioneer headunit down so my speakers don't play alot of bass and let the sub fill it in? My stereo doesn't have a 'subwoofer' option in it's menu, so It's not like i can control the subwoofer from my headunit and the amp im getting doesn't have a level control for the sub, just a crossover control knob and an input sensitivity knob and a bass expander switch...Im afraid if i turn the bass down on my stereo that it will turn the sub down also, which doesn't make sense, seeing how I though the whole point of an amp was to control the amount of bass from your sub so that you COULD turn the bass from your speakers down. thank you

1)   A better way would be to get bass blockers and put then in line before your front speakers You don't want to eliminate the bass at too high of a frequency because the sub only sounds good with bass if you try and get it to play into the music it's not going to sound right, the lower the frequency you cross over the better it will sound. - Lance

2)   200Hz is going to be too high of a frequency to be your crossover point. I would recommend around 80Hz. Most speakers will play effectively down to around that range. Most subs won't play up to 200Hz very effectively. So set it to around 80Hz and you would be good.

The point of an amp is to power the sub. The heat unit is where you control the output of the system. Some amps have bass knobs but you still use the head unit to adjust the sub. Many head units have specific controls to adjust your sub though so that makes it easier. You should just set the controls on your head unit to where it sounds good. You shouldn't need to adjust it much if you set it right.

Good Luck!!! - MDC


Question 5
amp @200 watts rms and sub @ 600 watts rms?...  what does this mean? Is that okay? does this mean the sub will be underused? The sub im getting is a 12" kenwood 1200watt and the amp im getting is also a kenwood, and it puts out 600watts max...I listen to like rock and indie, so as long as it sounds okay ill be fine, and actually the sub in my home theater is only 100 watts and it sounds amazing...

Also, will i need to get a new alternator for this? I mean, my car is a 2002 model, and the battery has been replaced since the car was bought, so should i be okay?

1)   Using a 200 watt amp on a sub that can handle 600 watts is fine. You wont be pushing it to its full potential though, so dont expect pounding ear bleeding bass....

Also, "1200w" max kenwood subs handle 400 watts RMS i bellieve, not 600.

Its a complete myth that underpowering harms or kills speakers. So, dont listen to any new who tells you so.

Also, no way do you need a new alternator. You shouldnt even be thinking about a new alternator until you hit 1200 watts RMS or more. - odinsragess

2)   yea man you will be ok with the stock alteernator up to about 1000watts. Just be careful on the gains on your amp dont crank them full blast like a crack head lol That will send a clipped signal to your sub and will eventually harm either your sub or amp or both. I would suggest gettin an amp thats rated for about 800watts rms and keep it turned down so you get a good clean singal to your sub. I have a 2004 f150 and just did an alternator and new batt and 1/0 welding cable but i am running 2 12s off of 2200watts rms :) - Travis E


Where can I buy a cheap Radio/Cassette player for my car?

Question 1
Where can I buy a cheap Radio/Cassette player for my car?...  My car radio is halfway broken, and I need to buy a new. My old radio didn't have a cassette player, so I couldn't buy on of those cheap iPod cassette converter things, so I would love one that has a cassette player in it. Where can I find these? Online websites are good IF you have bought and they're trustworthy.
I'm really not looking for an expensive name brand... I just want a cheap one with a cassette player.

1)   check the local junkyards and auto salvation yards....they have all kinds of useful stuff....maybe even a cassette deck - Keith


crutchfield is the number online electronics retailer i trust them completely

you can find cheaper cassette players but name brands are going to be the most reliable. - carshopcarman

3)   in a pawn shop really cheap prices - Rico

4)   go to they have a few trusworthy websites ive used that are known to be cheap - armyofone

5)   you can always check out they have great stuff for a cheap price and definatly reliable - hunter


Question 2
Where can I find a crossfire amp?!?...  So I am pretty sure they don't sell them on the internet but anyone know a good place to buy one? I need a Crossfire VR2000D to power my subs. Or any other suggestions would be good. I need something that is 2000w RMS @ 2 ohm

1)   at a pawn shop it will cost you like around $130 - Rico

2)   Go to the website, click locate dealers, then type in your zip code. Its not hard. - briandfarris


Question 3
I have a 2007 Pontiac G5 and want a stereo system in it. Do I need a new CD player?...  I'm thinking of getting a couple of subs...probably 10 or 12 (boxed) with an amp. What brands should I look for and avoid? How much will it cost? Any info that people can give me will be much appreciated

1)   it depends if the cd player you have now has RCA adapters behind it. but you can also get an adapter you splice in2 your rear speakers and plug that in2 your amp(amp has to have the adapter for the wires if you do it this way) for the subs rather than run rca's and then you got your stereo (the kinda jury rig way) you have better sound equalization for your subs if you just get a new cd player though and run the RCA's to the amp the right way... - Brady

2)   I agreee with his answer above but then again if you have a factory cd player you can get an adapter but a audio store will have to install it.

or you can just buy an aftermarket cd player which would be best and save a little money

btw with a factory cd player the system will sound no where as good as it would on a aftermarket - YungDub


Question 4
What would be a good amp to get for this sub?...  Infinity Kappa Perfect 12d vq

4ohms, dual voice coil, 18Hz-200Hz, 75W-400W RMS

also, should i get a ported or sealed box? i listen to mostly rap with big bass and some rock

1)   Usually you would want to get an amp that has the same wattage and RMS as the sub. Therefore u dont stand the chance of blowing your sub if you put it too loud by accident. - Rob1229

2)   400 watt RMS amp, a good choice is the kicker zx400.1 --its cheap on ebay, and reliable.

As for the box, go with a ported box, as they produce more output than a sealed box. They can also sound excellent as well. Look at the owners manual or website for the correct box size. Its probably 1.75 cubic feet. - odinsragess


Question 5
My Head deck doesn't work anymore?...  hey well I just put a new head deck in my car which worked fine until my friend messed around with it so now its not working, i put my old head deck back in and that does not work either, all the fuses are OK and are not blown. My clock above the head deck doesn't work now as well

1)   three wires - something is wrong

Yellow - Constant 12v

Red - Ignition 12v

black - ground -

There normally are two fuse boxes - one under the hood and one inside the car. I'm guessing Honda or Chrysler? - j!NX

2)   dnt let your friends use your stuff. check all of the wire connections and unwire the power and aux cable. - armyofone


Can i have a car amplifier without a sub?

Question 1
Can i have a car amplifier without a sub?...  I dont want to buy a subwoofer, but ive heard about an amplifier. I dont know anything about car sound systems, ive got some JBL speakers in my doors and just want to know if an amp on its own would improve bass and clarity of the system without adding a sub

1)   No amp can do more than the speakers can handle. Certain amps may emphasize bass and if you keep the volume low enough, the speakers won't be damaged. - don r

2)   Maybe slightly increase your midbass but not give you any deep bass. The subwoofer is for adding the low-end frequencies to a system.

If you simply get an amp to power your JBL speakers you will make them a little louder and maybe perform a little better for bass. However, it really will not give you that much quality bass. These speakers are not designed for bass but for midrange. The only way to increase the bass is to add a sub.

An amp powering your speakers would increase the clarity and overall performance of your speakers though.

Good Luck!!! - MDC

3)   yes - Rico


Question 2
Need Good Bass Songs for a party at my place.. I have got really big woofers for them?...  

1)   Try songs by Daft Punk if you like electronica... - Saxster

2)   Try to find the song Is It Goin Down by Top Of Da South... It's like 6-7-8 years old and wasn't well known but seriously... most bass I've ever heard in my life.... - grant

3)   try dj songs - Rico


Question 3
Does the wattage in your in-dash car cd player depend on how hard your system hits?...  I am trying to find out if the wattage in your in-dash cd player depends on how hard your system hits. i know that having a certain type of box and brand of subs/ amp and how much watts the amp will hold also helps. but the reason i ask this is because would the remote wire from your cd player to your amp send out a certain watts to where only the amp will hit with so many watts. im really confused on this and i dont know if im over thinking this or not but please help me.

Heres and example:

say you have 2 12'' kickers that hold 1000 watts each and a 2000 watt 2 channel amp. to me that means that you should get 1000 watts to each channel which means you get 1000 watts to a sub. but say you have a 50w x 4 in-dash cd player. this is where i get confused because to me that means you can only get 50 watts per channel. and also does the bigger the wire = more power?

Thanks for helping me out as you can see im very confused. :)

1)   1. The power your head unit makes, like 50 x 4, has nothing to do with subs and amps. That is just the power of the internal amplifier inside the head unit, to power speakers. All that matters is your amp for the subs, as far as "how hard" the system will hit.

2. The remote wire just puts out a signal to tell the amp to turn on and off, it has nothing to do with power.

3. The bigger the wire doesnt mean more power. All you need is the correct wire size for the amp so it gets enough power from the alternator. If its too small, thats not a good thing, so make sure the power wire and speaker wire is the correct size. 500 watt amps and less can use 8 gauge power and ground wire, anything bigger needs 4 gauge. If you are going over 1500 watts RMS, 0 gauge is recommended. But only if its TRUE RMS wattage, not peak or max fake power rating from cheap amps. - odinsragess

2)   yes it makes a difference - javier c

3)   Pre- amp outs have different voltage from the head unit, and could make a difference usually they are rated at 2 volts and 2.5 volts some are rated at 3 so it could make a difference but has nothing to do with the wattage it produces, only the preamp voltage that goes to the sub woofer amp matters. wire can make a difference especially in long runs, so you don't want to use too skinny a wire, speaker wire is less critical than amp wire though cause the currents are you would use 16 gauge wire for 30 foot runs with no problem for speakers, a sub may be better off with 14 gauge but usually the runs are pretty short anyway...the longer the run the thicker the wire should be. Efficiency of the speakers also has a lot to do with how load they will play with equal power a more effecent speaker will play louder. - Lance


Question 4
aftermarket sound system question?...  My amp and radio both have built in low pass,high pass, and all pass filters. I have my amp currently set to all pass, and i used my radio for the HPF and LPF settings. Would it be better if its the radio that does all pass, and the amp that does the LPF/HPF?or both?

1)   let the amp do both as well the radio - Rico

2)   One or the other, it doesnt matter. I would not use both though.

Some amps have very good crossovers, so if its a high end quality amp, you can use the amp's x-overs. Either way will work. I have a kicker amp, and i just use my pioneer head unit for the LPF and HPF. - odinsragess

3)   The pass filters are used when you have a sub-woofer or are dividing the signal into different size speakers, or using a separate tweeter, that's really want its for...if your speakers are all the same or more or less the same then you do not need to divide the signal that way. - Lance


Question 5
100 watt rms, 300 watt peak. Audio question?...  Hi to all!

Have a little question regarding audio.

I bought an gbl gto937 speakers, power is stated above.

Just wondering, if power of my old kenwood kdc 3024 (50X4) will be enough for the speakers?

What mean peak load?And when choosing amplifier, shall I buy 200 W or 600 W?

I don't need too loud, but it should not be quite as well with cd changer?!

1)   The speaker rating is typically the safe range of power which the speakers will operate at - the peak rating is for very short transient power such as a loud bass note.

Your 50X4 Kenwood should work fine with these speakers - even without an additional amplifier - unless you intend to try and match the sound levels of a live performance. - LeAnne

2)   200 watt amplifier if you dont want it that loud it would be normal bass - Rico

3)   Peak/max numbers are completely useless and often completely fake and made up.

Your JVC unit likely makes 20 watts RMS a channel.

An aftermarket 4 channel amp that is between 50-100 watts RMS x 4 would make a great improvement over the little head unit amplifier. - odinsragess


Will ROCKFORD FOSGATE P1000-1BD CAR MONO SUB AMPLIFIER/AMP Be a good amp for some some 12"Subs?

Question 1
Will ROCKFORD FOSGATE P1000-1BD CAR MONO SUB AMPLIFIER/AMP Be a good amp for some some 12"Subs?...  Want to know if that amp will be good for this subs not really familiar with alot of car audio.

Here are some descriptions of the subs

12" Subwoofers:

* Peak Power Handling: 1200 watts

* Oversized 40 oz. Double Stacked Strontium Magnet

* Frequency Response: 24 Hz - 1 kHz

* Efficiency: 87 dB
Whats a good RMS to for some subs to match the amp. And what will be my best bet to got with.

1)   You dont want to go off Peak Power. Use RMS power rating. You should be good to go. - ImsmarterthanU

2)   whats the name of the subs?

but from that info it should be good - Turtle

3)   those arent subs those are speakers lolrf goes off rms not over inflated peak power find out what the rms is on those subs and then match them up dont ever go by peak power - jon

4)   You will be fine from the info you provided. Try to stay with name brand speakers like JL, JBL, Alpine, Infinity, Boston etc. for better quality and reliability. Also see if you can get a speaker with a efficiency rating of around 90db, this will use less power than a 87db speaker. Hope this will help you out. - bbt91945

5)   Goofie, the subwoofer specs you listed look like they are from a cheap flea market sub. Peak power means nothing... what brand are they? I can tell you right now, a sub with a 40oz magnet is not likely to handle a bunch of power.... - odinsragess

6)   mono sub amp is made for a single sub and is probably not able to bridge for two subs. - Peter


Question 2
Do you get more bass by pointing the sub box towards the seat or the back of the car?...  I got them currently pointed towards the front of the car and i wonder if the subs are getting enough air

1)   toward the back of your car that would be more enclosure for the bass i have myn like that and it is real deep bass - Rico

2)   in your trunk? face them the other way that you have them. - EASY

3)   it depends on the car but about 75% of the time pointing towards the rear is louder. - draggin

4)   The back of the car because it is not muffled by the back of the seat. - Matthew R


Question 3
will a subwoofer and amp work with my deck?...  I drive an '02 echo, but i bought it in 2004 when i was 16, and i got a Pioneer DEH-1500 deck in there, and I was wondering if this deck is compatable with sub and amp hook-ups...i dont know how to tell and im not about to rip it out of my dashboard to find out! thanks!!!

1)   on da back of da stereo it should have sum plugs hangin out,dez plugs enable u to play a sub through ur stereo - magnesha

2)   yes, it has amp connections. - draggin

3)   Nearly all aftermarket head units will have at least 1 set of preamp outputs and your Pioneer is no exception. It also has an amp remote lead which is blue/white in color and terminated with a spade lug.

Unless you already have a set of "extraction keys", you'll need to get them to remove the unit from it's installation sleeve. Most any audio shop that handles the Pioneer brand will have them or you can find them online at a reasonable price. - PimpMyRide

4)   DUDE! betch, you have asked this same question like 5 times, and everytime myself and others have told you, yes, it will work. Almost all aftermarket decks from the 80's and onward has hookups for an amp. - odinsragess


Question 4
I just bought a Fi car audio sub woofer 18''BTL and need to build a box for it!?...  I've always loved the sound of a sealed inclosure and didn't know if the sub would work properly in one and if so, what dimensions of an inclosure would I need to build to get the best quality out of the sub woofer?

1)   u should check the manual if it came with one cuz sometimes they have specifications for enclosures in there

u should check out ported boxes too, it makes it louder - Turtle

2)   if i were to put it in a sealed box (i wouldn't) i would go for about 8 cu ft but really if you payed that much for that bad ass sub go ported like fi says it will sound good here is a website i found with my own box problems hope i helped later - jon

3)   First of all, who buys a FI BTL for SQ!!! That is NOT an SQ sub by any means. It is made to get loud not for sound quality.

The BTL is not going to perform well at all in a sealed enclosure. You will need to put it in a ported enclosure. As long as you stay in the recommended enclosure range that FI gives you will be good. I would go for a larger enclosure if you are looking for more output and deep bass. Go on the smaller side for a little better SQ or if you don't have the space.

Any way you go you are going to need a large enclosure so I hope you have room for it.

Good Luck!!! - MDC


Question 5
what is a cheater amp?...  be decriptive

1) - ImsmarterthanU

2)   Basically, its an amp with extremely low power ratings at 4 ohms. The purpose of this, was so you can enter car audio competitions at very low power levels.

However, these amps were often .5 and 1 ohm stable, and would make HUGE power at these impedances, therefore, you would easily win the lower power classes.

Example of a cheater amp power rating. Notice how the 4 ohm rating is low, and many of these amps didnt explicitly advertise the very low impedance power ratings, like 1 ohm.

75 watts x 2 @ 4 ohm stereo

150 watts x2 @ 2 ohm stereo

300 watts x 2 @ 1 ohm stereo

600 watts x 2 @ .5 ohm stereo

1200 watts x 2 @ 1 ohm bridged

They are not as prevelant today, as rules have changed, and high current 2 channel amps are not as common.

Orion HCCA amps were well known for being a cheater amp. Also US amps as well.

Huge 2 channel amps like these are not common because they were not efficient and required huge amperage to power them properly. - odinsragess

3)   that was quite entertaining... lol

but, its a term used by people in competitions.

Mostly applies to higher-end under-rated amplifiers.

Which class someone competes in is determined by the power ratings of their amplifiers.

And amplifiers that are highly under-rated is considered a cheater amp.

Giving a huge advantage over the others.

It's simply an amp that is able to push out way more than it's rated for - Aaron


How big would my amp have to be in order to power 4 twelves? iGotta 1000 watt amp power'n 2 of em rite now.?

Question 1
How big would my amp have to be in order to power 4 twelves? iGotta 1000 watt amp power'n 2 of em rite now.?...  itz a xplod 1000 watt amp push'n 2 12 in xplod subs, and iWant it to push those 2 xplods and 2 big would my amp have to be?

1)   Ummmm.. Sony Amps Aint That Good.. I Would Reccomend A Hifonics Amp 2000 Watts - Richard

2)   What is the RMS wattage and ohm's of the Pioneers? Find an amp that can run the same or slightly higher RMS wattage at the same ohm's as the subs. - das.frettchen

3)   you did not state the ohm-age of the subs and if it is dual coil or single coil. if it is a DVC at 4ohms then the four subs will add up to .5ohms and you will have to do some series, parallel hook up to get 1ohms and you will need a Hifonics BXi2008D amp. and earplugs - jas`s812

4)   I would find a 2 channel 2 ohm stable amp and run each channel on a pair of the subs. I'm assuming they are 4 ohm like most subs are and a rms rating of under 300. You gave the peak power rating on the xplod and thats not a accurate way to measure power on a sound system. Another way you could do it is wire all the subs in parallel and get a 1 ohm stable 1000rms one channel and use that, scrap the xplod. - strokeouchvy

5)   if the speakers are 4ohms SVC you can series parallel wire them and bridge it and then you will run a constant 4ohms or you could you put 2 on each channel that will drop it to 2 ohms , only if you have a 2 channel 2ohm stable amp and the speakers are 4ohm SVC , and Ive did 4 on a 1000 watt amp before and worked just fine. - Adam


Question 2
what is best box and size for subwoofers?...  I need to know what is the best sounding box and how big for the subwoofer sizes (8,10,12,15) if i buy a 8,10,12 or 15 inch sub how big of a box do i want and what type(sealed,ported)? i want the most bass i can get out of 'em LOUD BASS!! answer for all, and i am planning on putting whatever sub i get in my room.

1)   Each sub is made for a certain enclosure, you have to check the tech sheets for a recommended box. The sheet will include how much air space is needed for optimal frequency for a sealed and ported box. It all depends on how much space you have and how much you really want to spend. If you want hard bass get higher rms rating speakers. One competition 12 with 1500 rms rating on a ported enclosure with a matching amp should be sufficient. If you want more the you are looking for a spl competition setup and in that case you have to consult a audio designer that can build you a custom box to meet the demands you are looking for. - strokeouchvy

2)   first all brand name sub woofer don't carry the same cubic size. a pioneer 8inch will not be the same as a MTX 8inch and so for enclosure. it all depend on the vehicle type. a porter box will sound well in the trunk of a car and the slot port will sound well in a get the most bass you must have enough space to get that loud bass - jas`s812

3)   If YOu Want It FOr Your Room. I Reccomend A Ported Box It Gives You More Bass Than A Sealed Box... - Richard


Question 3
Is there a eject button on the inside to manually eject a cd if one is stuck inside a car stereo?...  2005 honda odyssy has cd stuck in stock stereo and want to manually eject the cd, i know some have a button on the inside of the deck that will let you manually eject a cd if the outside button isnt working.

1)   I don't know what brand of CD player you have, so it would be impossible to tell you exactly how to eject it manually. I would look in the manual. - RaWen

2)   As with all cd players etc if you look very close you should see a very tiny hole about this size(*) get a paperclip and straighten the end then push into hole and it should release. That's what the hole is for.

Good luck! - Hong Kong Mike

3)   Yupp Hong Kong Mike is Right.. There Should be A Tiny Little Hole Nest To The CD Insert.. Push It ANd The CD Should Come Out .... Try Looking For information On Google.... (Pictures) - Richard


Question 4
Running amp power cable outside of vehicle?...  I'm about to order everything to put a new sound system in my Jeep Wrangler and I've been planning the locations to run new wires and cables. I got to looking at the area's where I could run the power cable for the amp and have come to 2 conclusions. I could either drill a hole in a very difficult to reach but hidden area behind the dash and try to hide the cable on the interior of the Jeep all the way to the rear where the amp is.. or, I could run the cable inside the hollow frame rails (which have many pre-drilled holes to slip the cable in and out of) under the Jeep and then just drill a hole to the interior in an easy to reach location near the amp. My only concern is that the cable's insulation will breakdown and crack prematurely due to exposure to water and road salts.. is this a real risk if I run the cable on the exterior of the vehicle? Or will the cable hold up just as well as any other cable such as those in the engine compartment? Thanks for your help!
I should have mentioned that my Wrangler has no carpet, the interior has been lined with a truck-bed liner so there is no real way to hide the cable on the interior. This is one reason why I have considered running the cable on the exterior.

1)   Honestly I Would Run The Wire Inside The Truck Why? Because The insulation Of The Wire Is Gonna Wear Out., And You Never Know A Sharp object Might Cut Your Wire And Cause A Short Or Even A Fire...

I Would Run It Right Next To The Seats Under Neath The Carpet.. - Richard

2)   Keep it inside. Run it under the sill plates and carpet (or rubber flooring).

If you put it outside and it wears through the insulation (for what ever reason, elements, chaffing) it could cause a serious problem, even a fire, as it would be directly to the battery. - Charlie T

3)   You'll have no problem running the power wire thru frame rails the cable is designed to weather the elements under the hood so it will work under the car just make sure to secure it solidly in as many places possible so it can't droop and snag on road hazards - Travis


Question 5
is this a good deal for these subs. im using 10s for rock music?...  is this a good deal, here is the url

1)   i would say dont buy them. XXX audio is not any good anyway. for rock music your gonna want some better subs. I listen to almost every type of music out there. I would go with alpine subwoofers!! i have 2 12" R types with a 1000watt alpine amp. some alpine stuff can be a little pricey but you can find used stuff for cheaper. if i was you i would buy 2 10" E types with a 500 watt alpine amp. they will still hit really good and sound very clear with all rock music. hope this helps you!! - shortshack

2)   Short answer no. For rock music depending on the type of vehicle you could do some name brand 6x9 speakers on a small amp. If your looking for some bass then go with one bass tube here is a link


The second is if you want a complete system. It's a matched set so the hard work has been done. It's a better brand than the one you linked. - strokeouchvy


My brother's car radio lost its memory after the battery was removed, its a Honda car, how can we resolve it?

Question 1
My brother's car radio lost its memory after the battery was removed, its a Honda car, how can we resolve it?...  My brother's car radio lost its memory after the battery was removed, its a Honda car, how can we resolve it?

Its a Honda Civic, 2008

The Car engine no is R18A13001397 chasis JHMFD15208S401318 Honda Civic 2007 model

will this additional details help?

1)   No way you will just have to reprogram it. I know it sucks but same thing happened to me. - Gary

2)   every time you disconnect the battery the radio memory will be reset. if your asking about the code when he bought the car they should have given him a card that has the code on it, if not he has to either take it to the dealership or take out the stereo himself get the serial number and call the dealership to get the code. hope this helps - Juan

3)   so reprogram the radio/if its a code enter the code/ - ken k

4)   Hit the [scan] button on the radio when you turn it on. Save the stations that you want [enter] by repeating the procedure until you have filled up all the memory slots. Some stations may be out of range, so you'll have to drive around to get a better fix. Alternatively, you can reprogramme it manually, but that's a real hassle. - zephyr

5)   Look in your Owners manual, it will give you step by step instructions probably using a 5 or 6 digit code. - Micah


Question 2
good bass songs that will hit on 2 18" subs!!?...  I want nothing but chopped and screwed songs that will slap real hard in my car...i like deep low steady bass, but i also like that bass that sounds like it's gonna tear your car apart...any help would be thankful!
thank all of you for your input, i appreciate it!

1)   Here Comes The Boom - Nelly

Night n Day - Lloyd (The Chorus part has really good bass) - Dan

2)   lil boosie and lil jon songs make my 12" rattle my whole car! - Juan

3)   it's not chopped and screwed but it has some good bass... Lil Wayne- Kobe Bryant. - Dee

4)   Check out E-40 songs

Hurricane Chris-Halle Berry

Young Jeezy. - Chester


Question 3
can I replace the speakers in my car with just any type of speakers, or do I have to get a certain type?...  I have a 1986 corolla and want to replace the speakers in it, because they just crackle and static and you hear no music lol

so can i just find sum speakers i have around my house and put them in or do i have to get a certain type of speakers?

1)   Any speakers will do to start with, you should try some before you go spending money on them it might not be the speakers that are crap - Andrew

2)   Your best bet would be to get car audio speakers, as computer speakers or home speakers may run on different voltages, impedances, and amplification setups. You may also face the difficulty of mounting a speaker that is the wrong size, which will just make your life more difficult.

Depending on your budget, you have a few options:

If you just want a simple replacement speaker, the best thing to do is to go to Wal-Mart and buy some cheap stock replacement speakers. You just match the size--in your case I think it's 5.25" speakers all around--these cost about $7 a pair and will give stock level sound quality.

One thing to keep in mind is the face that if your wiring or head unit is damaged you may be getting this crackling noise, to check this, first check the old speakers for damage around the surround and for holes in the cone.

Your other option is to invest in a higher quality car audio system. You can spend as little as $80 for a complete set including radio and wiring kit, and the price pretty much goes up from there. If you are mechanically inclined, then maybe you could save money and do the installation yourself.

The audio performance of even the cheapest aftermarket system will usually outperform any stock speakers--especially on older cars. - Ryan

3)   Any car speaker from any car audio store will work

in your vehile - conejote_99

4)   DON'T use house speakers because you'll fuck those up too; your best bet is to get car audio speakers. the cheap replacement speakers from walmart; it's good, all you need to do is find out the size of the previous speaker. - Dee


Question 4
what do i need in order to play my ipod through my car speakers?...  the cheapest one out their would be nice

1)   get a fm transmitter from walmart for about 20 bucks - Brotz

2)   an FM transmitter will work as a cheap solution. You can find this at walmart or any electronics store. - Patrick

3)   an wireless fm transmitter would be your cheapest route but the sound quality is pretty bad..its like listening to a weak fm station...what type of radio is in your car? Factory?? if its aftermarket and not too old you could find an ipod interface cable for it if its ipod compatible..hope this helps - JR

4)   the cheapest will give a lot of noise and static

you don't care about that ?

ford the best sund quality go here - conejote_99


Question 5
Stereo installation question?...  I have a JVC KD-LH1100 in my 2002 Cavalier that was properly hooked up by a professional. I bought a new JVC KD-HDR50. When I change it out, will I have to rewire to the harness that came with the new one, or can I just plug the old harness into the new stereo since it is the same brand?
How about you be a little more specific or provide a reasoning for your answer? When you answer like that, you sound like "Joe Blow" trying to get points.

1)   yes tou may have to rewire a few things - joshman06us

2)   rewire the adapter to the new radio and plug into factory.. not to bad - laredogg

3)   The companies typically have the same plugs for their head units. So you would be able to simply replace the head units without changing the wiring.

However, the wires do get switched around sometimes so it is important to examine the plug on the new and old radio. If all of the connections are in the same place then you can use the same plug. Otherwise you will have to put the new wiring harness for the stereo you have.

Good Luck!!! - MDC

4)   Both the JVC KD-LH1100 and the KD-HDR50 use the same wiring harness into the receiver. The part number is JV16-0003.

Here's a link to the harness. - PimpMyRide


what is a real good 4 channel amp?

Question 1
what is a real good 4 channel amp?...  i want to hook up a amp to my kicker door speakers and 6x9s and leave the head unit on my tweet...but what is a perfect amp for that?

1)   soundstream - manila boy

2)   Soundstream is no longer top dawg in the amp game... they havent been for at least 5 years since they have been bought out.

Kicker makes real good amps for the money. something like a zx350.4 would be great. Here are some other brands that are good quality and readily available, and well known names.


JL audio


arc audio



diamond audio

rockford fosgate




This is not a complete list, just some suggestions. But kicker would be good if you want to keep it "in the family" with brands, and you can find them for a good price on ebay. - odinsragess

3)   i have kicker 6x9s, and i have a Sony XM-554ZR powering them. its perfect for door speakers, because it only powers 150w max to each speakers, and you can turn the power down to what goes to each speaker, so if your speakers are less wattage than the amp, you can lower it so you dont blow the speakers.. my 6x9s sound amazing hooked up to that amp, and you can find one for about 80 bucks on ebay. - dragonxforce925


Question 2
Looking for help matching my Subwoofers with an amplifier?...  I have a pair of Pioneer TS-WX121

Here are the specs,

Very new to this, thanks for any and all help!

1)   I have a 10 in audiobuhn and I am running 700 watts to it. If I were you I would put like 200 to 250 to each sub meaning you would need like a 400 to 500 watt amp. - Eric C

2)   According to the site, they only handle 100 watts RMS (nominal) each. Also, each box is 4 ohms, so wired together in parallel, that is a 2 ohm load.

Pioneer rates some of their stuff conservatively, like these. A perfect amp would be something like the kicker zx300.1 --it will give each sub 150 watts RMS, and you can get them pretty cheap on ebay. Good amp. - odinsragess


Question 3
will 1000 watts rms hit hard?...  

1)   yup - draggin

2)   Yeah. Thats what im running and it physically hurts my ears to turn it all the way up. Some nice subs in a ported box will be amazing - That Guy


Question 4
What size amp do i need to get peak performance?...  I just bought 2 15 inch boss chaos subwoofers. They have a peak power of 600 watts a piece and 300 watts of rms. what amp do i need to get the most power that will run both subs?

1)   600 watts RMS. Ignore all peak power numbers.

Also, dont get a boss amp, boss is a real low quality brand, and their amps dont make the power they claim.

Also, you have to get an amp to match the "ohms" correctly. - odinsragess

2)   personally, i would return the subs. boss is not a very good car quality brand. but, i would get an amp that is exactly, or very close to 600w rms, and doesnt exceed 1200w of peak power. also, you need to check what ohms the subs are stable for, either 4ohm or 2ohm. if they are 2 ohm, you want to get either a 2ohm stable mono amp, or 2ohm stable 2 channel bridgeable amp. if they are 4ohm, you need to get a 4ohm stable amp. - dragonxforce925


Question 5
how to make 2 4 ohm dvc to a 2 ohm load?...  I have a amp that is stable at 2 or 4 ohm. I know that 2 4ohm dvc is 1 ohm and if you wire them series it is 4 ohm. My question is is there any way to use 2 sub that is 4 ohm dvc so the amp will see it as 2 load instead of 1

1)   Nope. You can't do it. Only two DVC 2 ohm subs can be wired to 1 ohm. Sorry. - Erik

2)   Seems like someone asks this every day lol. - odinsragess


1000 watt Power Amplifier - Sanken

This is a scheme set 1000watt power amplifier. Currently I do not have a picture to the circuit board, but because the amplifier circuit is quite simple, you can design it yourself PCB easily. Or you can order it at the store PCB audio kit in the center of electronic singosaren oriental, solo.

the assemble cables for DC power supply and output transistors must be large, use size 1.5-3mm for large current passed. The supply used transformer with 20A/45Ct and at least 4x10000uf/80 volt capasitor. this circuit is able to supply power 10000watt therefore the power transistor will be very hot, give good cooling fan on the power transisitor

Power amplifier 1000 wattSkema rangkaian Power amplifier 1000 watt

Transitor alternative to replacement of the 2SA1494 is 2SA1216 From SANKEN. The transistor has a 200-350 watt power dissipation of each pair so that for long-term operation of more durable. Keep in mind, usually sold a pair of power transistors with its complement, so you can not buy 2SC2922 alone without 2SA1216 or 2SA1494 without 2SC3858. The price range for transitor tsb is 30-40 thousand Rupiah / pair.

Im confused about amplifiers and setting up :S?

Question 1
Im confused about amplifiers and setting up :S?...  Ok so i have a good pair of 250w front speakers and 2 1000w subs in the rear, i have been advised to get a 4-channel amplifier to power them all as supposedly i can bridge the 2 subs and convert it to mono with a low pass which is needed for subs right? so anyway i want the subs to operate at the peak performance of 1000w obviously, and the front speakers as well so i do not have to install 6x9's. what i am most confused about is what power the amp will produce each channel, for example. if i bought a 2-channel1000w amp would it be 1000w each channel or split into 500w?. many thanks i'm new at this stuff and this is my first time.

1)   it would be split 500 rms. the 1000 is its peak power to 1 channel. so if you run 1 channel it would be 1000 watts - ride4life04

2)   it will be split 500.. if you bridge it it will be 1000, however thats usually max power you need to be looking at rms power handling if you want your subs at full potential - Juan

3)   For an easier way to ask about car audio and get guaranteed pro answers is to join Many competitors and business owners are there to help educate you more and actually explain to you and you are able to return and answer more questions on the same thread you post. A lot easier to get valuable information from qualified people.

Also, there is a free subwoofer give away going right now on the forum. Sign up and check out the free giveaway! - wooferman


Question 2
Subwoofer Question!!!!!!?...  I have 2 single voice coil oz audio 12 inch subwoofers. they are 8 ohms each. and they are wired together to make a 4 ohm load on the amplifier. WHAT TYPE OF AMP SHOULD I PUT TO THE SUBS? 4 OHM? 2 OHM STABLE? 2 CHANNEL? 4 CHANNEL? any i didnt mention? i just want the best quality bass that i can get. also sny amp brand suggestions?????? THANKS IN ADVANCE.

1)   u actually need to find out whats the rms or nominal power handling on the subs.. this is a very important thing to look at when choosing an amp - Juan

2)   The best way to do this is buy a 2 channel amp. Wire the two 8 ohm subs in parallel, for a 4 ohm load (which you already did), and bridge the amp.

This was how virtually every sub setup was back in the day before mono amps were commonplace.

So, kicker makes some nice 2 channel amps that you can find for cheap on ebay. There are plenty of decent brands, just stay away from flea market brands. Make sure to get the right wattage, too. Just email me if you have more questions. - odinsragess

3)   For an easier way to ask about car audio and get guaranteed pro answers is to join Many competitors and business owners are there to help educate you more and actually explain to you and you are able to return and answer more questions on the same thread you post. A lot easier to get valuable information from qualified people.

Also, there is a free subwoofer give away going right now on the forum. Sign up and check out the free giveaway! - wooferman


Question 3
I have a 1200 Precision Power Amp and the light is red. Please don't tell me it's fried!?...  

1)   Is it a newer model? Then its probably fried... the old made in USA stuff was bulletproof, the new stuff made by a different company is not nearly as good.

Did you check all your wiring? No shorts?

Try unhooking the speaker wires and RCA's and still see if it goes into protect. If it does, its likely bad. - odinsragess

2)   Previous suggestion is good. It could be clipping due to either shorted wires, a short in the crossover network, or a short in the drivers themselves. Go ahead and try it with a different set of wires and speakers to assure this isn't the case.

As far as fried - I'm thinking not. Typically when an amp goes, you'll either have no power, or just lose a single channel. Then again, I'm not familiar with this particular amp - so this isn't gospel, just my experience. - MeanDude.COM

3)   For an easier way to ask about car audio and get guaranteed pro answers is to join Many competitors and business owners are there to help educate you more and actually explain to you and you are able to return and answer more questions on the same thread you post. A lot easier to get valuable information from qualified people.

Also, there is a free subwoofer give away going right now on the forum. Sign up and check out the free giveaway! - wooferman


Question 4
Need a recommendation on what amp to purchase.?...  All,

I am looking for some advice on what Amp I should get to drive the below configuration.

I have 2 kicker CRV 12s - DVC 4ohm in a sealed box (approx 1.15 cf each side) that will ride in the back of a Ford mini-van. The subs have been wired so that when connected in parallel to a mono-amp they will present a 4 ohm load.

I have been considering a Rockford prime 500.1 amp, but need the advice of someone who knows.. I have to remain in somewhat of a budget – I have 5 kids and a wife to keep happy – but I am willing to save for what is needed.

Note .. as I do have 5 kids .. we listen to all types of music, from gospel to rap.

Thanks for your time!

1)   That amp only makes 320 watts @ 4 ohms... Thats 160 watts a sub. The kickers can handle much more.

The best match would be a an amp that makes 800 watts RMS. This can be a 2 channel amp that is bridged, or a 1 ohm stable mono amp.

You dont NEED to give them 800 watts, but that will maximize performance. Giving them 500 watts (250 a piece) is a pretty good tradeoff. - odinsragess

2)   i think the fosgate is a good choice, i have to disagree with the first guy about the rms power. my p300-1 actually makes 362 rms. when you buy a new amp it comes with its own "birth certificate" this certificate tells you exactly how much rms it made when it was tested right after it was made. so some some amps will make more than cousin told me this secret. he used to work for best buy and proved this to me when he pulled out 4 exact same amps and showed me the certificates of each one. they all had different rms. obviously i bought the one that had the most! - Juan

3)   For an easier way to ask about car audio and get guaranteed pro answers is to join Many competitors and business owners are there to help educate you more and actually explain to you and you are able to return and answer more questions on the same thread you post. A lot easier to get valuable information from qualified people.

Also, there is a free subwoofer give away going right now on the forum. Sign up and check out the free giveaway! - wooferman


Question 5
Im looking into buying an amp for the 3 Kicker 12's i just bought how many watts should the amp be?...  help is greatly appreciated!

1)   what kind of kickers? comps? L7? if i had this i could be more helpful - Juan


3)   For an easier way to ask about car audio and get guaranteed pro answers is to join Many competitors and business owners are there to help educate you more and actually explain to you and you are able to return and answer more questions on the same thread you post. A lot easier to get valuable information from qualified people.

Also, there is a free subwoofer give away going right now on the forum. Sign up and check out the free giveaway! - wooferman



By using IC LM 1875 made by National Semiconductor, we can make a simple Power Amplifer, but it produces a reliable voice.

This power amplifier circuit can result in strengthening the voltage up to 27dB for each channel. Strengthening the voltage can be changed by changing the feedback resistor R5 (in this circuit uses R 22K). But the tension reinforcement shall not be less than 20 dB because it can cause oscillation.

Amplifier 20 watt
Skema rangkaian 20 watt power amplifier

IC LM1875 is a monolithic power amplifier offering very low distortion and high quality performance for consumer audio applications.
IC LM1875 delivers 20 watts into a 4 Ohm or 8 Ohm load on ±25V supplies. Using an 8 Ohm load and ±30V supplies, over 30 watts of power may be delivered. The amplifier is designed to operate with a minimum of external components. Device overload protection consists of both internal current limit and thermal shutdown.
IC LM1875 design takes advantage of advanced circuit techniques and processing to achieve extremely low distortion levels even at high output power levels. Other outstanding features include high gain, fast slew rate and a wide power bandwidth, large output voltage swing, high current capability, and a very wide supply range. The amplifier is internally compensated and stable for gains of 10 or greater.

Pin configuration of the LM 1785 can be seen in the image below:

IC LM 1875
As for the circuit's power supply it can you see in the image below:

power suplay

What's the best way to point my subs in my trunk?

Question 1
What's the best way to point my subs in my trunk?...  I need some tips on how i can get the most out of my amp and subs. such as what direction i should point my subs, or anything else you would advise.

1)   Its all personal dude. Most people like them facing the back, away from you, this creates the most output.

Just switch it around yourself and see what makes YOU happy. - odinsragess

2)   depends on what you wand and also depends on how you want it to look. there are multiple ways to place them in your trunk. whatever works for you! - smallchange

3)   Always,always point them towards the rear(away from you)!This will effectively double the output (an increase of 3 db) because low frequencies have a very long wavelength,and this forces the signal to overlap and double-up basically,doubling the output for free.It works. - Xavier

4)   depends on what kind of box you got, if it's a sealed box, turn them toward your, if it's a ported box either way, if it's a free air speaker, away from you, - shreddinnotes


Question 2
is a 1 12" pioneer subwooders good for a 1998 toyota tacoma or 2 12"?...  its a 1998 toyota tacoma extra cab

and should the box be facing up or forward

1)   Well, it all depends on how much bass YOU want. Some people are more than happy with a single 12" sub, some need more! If you can afford it, you can always just buy two to make sure....

The box placement is your opinion. Just switch the direction and see which way you like better. Different people like the box facing different ways. - odinsragess

2)   I have a single Infinity 12" in a small sealed box in my Sunfire,fed with 600 watts rms and a 1 farad capacitor,pointed towards the rear (important!) and I have to turn the level down to really enjoy it.It`s really a bit too much . - Xavier

3)   2 -12's all day long, you wouldn't be happy with 1, unless you get a better 1, like a 10" solo baric RF, that would be perfect - shreddinnotes


Question 3
I bought a Legacy Series 2 LA570. It worked for about three months or so.?...  Well now it shuts off after about 10 seconds. All the wiring is good, got it done at best buy but now the amp will shut off after awhile. Not on protection because it has a light for that but it figured I'd hit it. Well it worked for about 10 minutes so I kept doing it. Well today it seems gone for good. It worked for like 20 minutes I took apart most of wires put them back, checked the ground... Im out of ideas... What should I do/try?

1)   Does it get hot to the touch?I mean hot enough that you can`t touch it for long?If so,it`s not getting enough air.Get a multi-meter and double check that ground and your battery connection too.These things draw huge current so all connections must be perfect.I had a Legacy amp about 15 years ago,and to be honest it was a p.o.s.I bought an Infinity to replace it and still use it everyday.There is no substitute for a good quality brand name when it comes to this stuff. - Xavier

2)   Haha well sorry to say, three months is about the life expectency of a legacy amp. They are bottom of the barrel cheap chinese flea market junk.

Just buy a real amp! No offense, its just that, people always come on here asking why their garbage equipment stopped working. - odinsragess

3)   sorry, but legacy is pure junk. trash it and get a decent amplifier.

i am surprised you got 3 months out of it. - draggin


Question 4
How much watts can my head unit handle?...  I have a 2004 bmw 325i and it has a business cd alpine headunit. I wanted to know how much watts it can handle ebcause im trying to install 1000watts of subs into my car tonight and want to know if it can at least handle it.

im puttin subs with an amp

1)   The head unit doesn't care about how much an amp will boost its output. But if you aren't boosting the output it does not matter how high the handling capacity is on speakers- you will get no more out of the head unit than its original power rating. Subs with amp will be louder. Subs without amp will just be wonder bread- you'll wonder how you wasted your bread for nothing. - don r

2)   It sounds to me like you`re trying to run subs of your head unit directly?DON`T!Decks use an unregulated power supply that can only offer about 20 watts per channel in all reality,so the huge inductive load your subs give it will soon make smoke.Buy an external amp and wire it up properly. - Xavier

3)   Handle? Head units done handle watts. Head units make watts. If you are adding an amp/sub to the stock head unit, you will need to get a line out converter for the amp.

You can put as big of an amp as you would like, it doesnt make a difference to the head unit. - odinsragess


Question 5
Can some one help me? I want to get subwoofers and an amp for my car.?...  I want subs for my car but I have tons of questions!

Do you think if I get a 1200 watt subwoofer with 500RMS and put it in my trunk it will sound good?

I would also get a 1200 watt amp to go with it.

Or should I get 2 800 watt subs?

I love having loud bass. but idk what set up to get.

1)   "a 1200 watt subwoofer with 500RMS" and a 1200 watt amp (600 rms) is a good match.To that I would add a 1 farad capacitor between amp positive and ground,(louder,better,headlights won`t dim when bass hits),and use at least #4 power cable and of course a fuse rated at about 40 amps.Point the sub towards the rear of the vehicle for best output(others may disagree but I`ve been at this for 20 years!)The bigger ,say a 12" or 15",the more bass you get out.A small sealed box is better in my opinion because the trapped air acts like a spring,keeping the woofer cone from moving too far(and dying a premature death),and provides deeper bass.To set amp gain/level,place volume at 3/4 and turn up amp level control untill distortion is heard,then back it off a touch.Super easy :) - Xavier

2)   That is just too much power for human endurance. You could use that kind of power for an auditorium, but in a car all it will do is waste current because when you turn it to peak, everything rattles and makesa lot of ugly noise. What you'll hear, more than music, is the license plate flapping. Take a visit to a car stereo store and see what sounds good. You could really have a good sounding system with real feel to it using less that 200 RMS watts. The extra thousand watts you're asking about is power the car needs to run the engine and other things. - don r


can you hook door speakers to an amp?

Question 1
can you hook door speakers to an amp?...  can i hook my 6x9s and door speakers to a 2 channel amp with out it over heating? or do i need a 4 channel amp

1)   you need a 4 channel amp - Juan

2)   I can't feel my legs - Mc Fly

3)   It all depends on the power handling of your speakers,

If your speakers can handle the wattage output of your amp, then you can hook them up without any problems.

You haven't given enough info for us to give a good answer,

such as the model numbers of the speakers and amp.

or at least the RMS and OHM rating of the speakers and RMS @ 4 Ohm rating of the amp. - Aaron

4)   You CAN hook up four speakers to a 2 channel amp.

As long as the amp is "2 ohm stereo" stable, which virtually every single 2 channel amp is. And as long as each speaker is 4 ohms, which most car speakers are.

You will lose fade capabilities, though. Or balance, depending on how you wire the amp. - odinsragess

5)   Well i would suggest getting an 4 channel amplifier, but a 2 channel will be find aslong they are not over powered. - Matt

6)   if they are factory speakers, the wont be able to handle too much. you can run 4 speakers off a 2CH amp, most amps will have no problem with this, however I would also upgrade your stock speakers first, it will sound better even without the amp. - clawless

7)   Usually you can, as long as each channel is stable down to 2ohms.

Almost all stereo amps are stable at 2. - Brad J


Question 2
is 50W (RMS) Total Power Output good for an external speaker?...  so is it good? what is better? is it loud and clear?

Please help me :)

1)   50 RMS has absolutely nothing to do with quality of sound, loudness, or anything else.

It's just a measure of electrical power.

Think of it this way. Is 100 horsepower good?

In a Go-cart, it's plenty. In a ship, it's nothing. In a car, with poor gearing, sucks. On a skateboard, it's stupid fast.

All depends on how it's used. Number really doesn't matter as much as those bragging about it would like to think.

It's pretty much entirely useless. - Vipassana

2)   not really if your trying to be a douche bag and play your music loud you'll need a lot more - Robbie

3)   that's just what the sub can handle continuously that's it. just go somewhere you can hear car audio and pick out the ones that sound good to you. - NE-truck

4)   I would get something around 200W for a coaxial speaker, more watt will make it more loud and if you want it to be clear make sure its a 2 ohm speaker. Good luck. - The Person 99

5)   Don't worry about the wattage to much, though that seems a little low. Instead look for other things, the craftsmanship of the speaker, the materials, the shape, is it 2-way or 3. These things make more of a difference than than the (RMS). I think that number is really only useful when your considering whether you need an amp or not. And with 50W that is a definite no.

I have a pair of 150W 3-way Rockford Fosgates that sound much better than a more expensive pair of 200W 2-way Infinity's. - Shawnywan

6)   Depends on the size and quality of the speaker. Also depends what you are using the speaker for. If you are using a microphone to make a speech or commentary, then it is more than enough power to do the job. But if you are using it for music for maybe a party or something along the lines, maybe you might need more power. But even that could be enough if you know what you are doing. If it is a car stereo using a car speaker in an external box that you can detach from the car, then yes it is should be good enough using it for mids and trebs. Not good for a sub, however, you will need more power to have nice, hard bass. Make sure that the Ohms of the bass matches the Ohms of the amplifier being used. You also need to know that RMS is the total amount of continued current that is being pushed to the speaker. Has nothing to do with the total amount of watts that the amp uses and has. Whether the amp says 100 total watts or 1000 total watts, that is only the amp and not RMS. RMS is the total amount of current supplied to the speaker in a continous form, while Total Watts are the total watts that the amp has. - Blood_Robot


Question 3
question about my car amp?...  i have a 200 watt amp i went and bought the kit for the amp and i just purchased a 1400 watt amp can i keep the same kit for the 200 watt amp and use it for the 1400 or will i have to buy a kit for the 1400 watt?

1)   probably not unless you have a 4 gauge kit. With the added power you are going to be drawing more amperes which need a larger wire, or it will heat up the wire and melt it. With 1400 watts you might want a 2 gauge kit or even a 0 gauge wiring kit - That Guy

2)   Probably not. You should get a 0 gauge wiring kit, so in the future if you choose to upgrade your other components, you won't have to upgrade your wiring kit! - Erik

3)   Probably not, do you have the model numbers of both the amps or a better description of the wire too? The main problem with the wiring is the resistance and voltage drop when a high current is used you also have to check if your 1400 watt amp is peak i'm assuming unless you paid like 1k for it in which case i don't know why you'd care about another hundred to drop on a wiring kit. see how it sounds first if you need to upgrade it upgrade it. odd's are if it is a problem the fuse will blow and that's how you'll know to go bigger - steve

4)   Only if you have short power lines, the longer you need to run a power line, the bigger the gauge you need.

Yeah, you'd probably need at least a 4 gauge at minimum, depending on how many amperes your amp is drawing, 2 gauge would do the job, 0-gauge to be safe. - Aaron

5)   I would say keep your wires if its a 4 guage wire kit. If theyre smaller wires, then yes i would upgrade to atleast 4 guage. 0 guage sets are over doing it, they are super thick and you wont be drawing that much current from a 1400W amp. - WigSplitta


Question 4
What are the best type of 12' subwoofers.?...  I have a pontiac GT G8 and want some boom in the trunk..


1)   Try anything from Memphis, Alpine, MTX, JL audio,

I have the Memphis M3 series the 10" handles 500 RMS sounds great - joel

2)   Incriminator Audio makes some great product for a cheap price

They get so loud it hurts my ear, and im used to a lot of bass - That Guy

3)   Alpine Type-X's are great. I have two 12" Type-R's (a model lower than the Type-X) and they are great. The Type-X has twice the power handling of the Type-R's. They handle 1,000w rms each. That's quite powerful for a 12" sub. - Erik

4)   Elle, the "best" is subjective, and everyone has opinions on what is the best. There are 15+ brands that are good quality and have products to fit almost anyones needs.

All the answers above me are good. The amp and box is JUST as important as the sub itself too! - odinsragess

5)   ok bla bla bla lol now thats over eveyone has a different idea of what sounds good !! the best thing to do is go to the store and see what sounds good to you.

there is SQL (sound quality level)

and SPL (sound pressure level)

one sounds good and one sounds loud

so if you want a lot of bang for a little buck then go for SPL but if you want sound quality get SPL

you can have best of both worlds and get a high end SQL sub that can hold some power. but it does get expensive. in all honestly a good in between SQL and SPL is MTX they have a good sound and you can pound on them out of the box. - NE-truck


Question 5
i dont know wat can cause this problem?...  i got two 12" 250 wats a piece i had a 600 wat amp powering them for some reason i turn my car on in the morning tryed to put my music on nothing the green light was on the amp i changed the fuses on the amp nothing i know for a fact everything was hooked on properly i took the amp of took it to my buddy he gave me a bran new one i hooked it back up it worked perfectly until the next day i had the volume turn up fairly high then the subs cut out i knew it was the amp i took it off brought it back he gave me another one i hooked the third one up now every time i crank it the amp gose into protection mode but only when i crank it im really curiouse wat could cause this issue

1)   Try hooking the subs up in someone elses car. The problem might not be the amp. You could have a bad coil. - Joe

2)   subs wired incorrectly for this amp, the amp isn't stable at the ohm level your showing it. - clawless

3)   buy a toyota camry to fix the problem - James

4)   Take it to somebody that knows how to match the impedance of the subs with the amp. It sounds like your load impedance (subs) is too low for your amp to handle. Check the impedance stability rating of the amp then see if your subs are in fact wired to a lower impedance. I could tell you how to do it but you didnt mention anything about the subs other than 250W a piece. Not enough info. But send me an email if you need more help - WigSplitta


Someone who knows a little somethin about cars? Please help me?

Question 1
Someone who knows a little somethin about cars? Please help me?...  Hi im in need of a new alternator. My car keeps dying. It is a 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe. Does any one know about how much it would cost? Thanks so much for the help!

1)   2grand or so maybe a little less - baysjesse

2)   alternator should cost about $130

$200 or more installed.depending on how hard it is to get at - Dave87gn

3)   It will run you anywhere between 60 and 120$ Its not hard to install, You can take a friend if you can not do it yourself and get one at an auto salvage yard, it should work just fine - Benny Lava's second account!

4)   Alternators are not that hard to put on. Get a friend to help you. Cost about $150.00 - Bill

5)   i just fitted one on a bmw 320, never done it before and i managed it ok, you could proberly do it yourself, and i bought if from the scrappies for £30, but thats in the uk, the price might change depending where you are - colin g

6)   Take it to an Auto Electric shop, where they check and rebuild alternators. The cost of the repair will be related to what needs replacing. In your local phone book under Auto Electric. It shouldn't take more than 3/4 hour to check, remove, repair and replace and it will be a lot less than one from an automotive parts store... and they should give you a warranty. Ask them to check the battery, too! - Pester


Question 2
is it illegal to blast music in your car so loud it can be hear outside your car?...  

1)   Yes.. there is a noise ordinance in every town - Veritas

2)   If not, it should be. Most cities and towns have noise ordinances that include, or specify, vehicles and will ticket you for doing that. When you can hear it for blocks away, it IS too loud, and you may be damaging your hearing. - David

3)   In Clark county (Las Vegas) Nevada any audio that can be heard seventy five (75) feet or more from a motor vehicle is a misdemeanor, punishable by a first offense fine of $50, a second offense fine of $100 and a third offense fine of $250. I'm sure most other counties or cities have the same, or a similar law. - sturmkatzen

4)   The best thing to do is call your local police station, and ask them.

Since noise laws vary from state to state. - Aaron


Question 3
Need a quality set of subs and amp?...  I'm looking to buy a set of subs, i've been looking at 12" alpine type R's. I wanna get dual subs, what type of amp should i get or what else kind of subs do you recommend. I would like quality Subs and an amp. I have around 700$ to spend.

1)   I had the same thoughts as you. Sadly, I have limited space under my rear bench of my truck so I didn't have enough airspace for the type r's. I suggest you go with the type r's is possible. If not Kenwood 12" KFC's are good. As for an amp to power the type r's I would suggest something from rockford Fosgate, such as the T500-1bd would be allright. Slightly under the RMS, but it's how many watts you want to put to them. - Gregory House

2)   if you want dual subs id recommend you buy two separate amps to power them, i recommend JBL amps and subs because they are reliable and produce a good sound for the price. you will have to fork out big bucks for a single amp that could power two subs to thier max so your better off getting two separate amps rated at around 400w rms (1000w peak) this is about as much as those subs can handle and if one amp blows you still got one working. a setup like that will certainly rattle your windows and make you poular with the neighbors... have fun :) - shaun

3)   A pair of 12" type r's will not leave you disappointed. The perfect match for these would be the Alpine MRP-M1000. You should be able to find both subs, a box, and that amp for under 700

Also, a pair of Rockford Fosgate 12" P3's are the same (power and quality wise) as the Alpine's, it is basically personal preference.

A Type r 12" is 500watts rms

A Rockford Fosgate 12" P3 is 500watts rms

The Alpine MRP-M1000 is 1000watts rms @ 2ohms which is perfect match for a pair of type r's or p3's

Dont get 2 amps, it is too much work, too much money, and just plain stupid.

Make sure the subs are 2 ohm dual voice coil each, since you are buying 2 and want a 2 ohm load to your amp for maximum power :) - stickyicky990


Question 4
Help, i need a wiring diagram?...  I need the CORRECT wiring diagram for bridging 2 12" subs to a 2 channel amp!

SUBS-2 12" Kicker CVR's

AMP-Hifonics ZXi1010
The subs are Dual 4 OHM and the amp bridged is a 4 OHM load


DONT bridge the amp. Run each sub off its own channel as shown in the diagram i've linked. You will get more power this way, as each sub will be on a 2 ohm load on its own channel. You DONT need to bridge, just follow the diagram. - stickyicky990

2)   the simple answer is you cant...

if you connect both speakers bridged you will change the ohm load (cant remember if it doubles or halves?) anyway the load will be outside the amps operating range and it will trip out (or blow if it doesnt have protection circuitry) as soon as you turn the volume up. you can only hook up one sub to that amp im afraid, you want 2 subs you need 2 amps. - shaun


Question 5
question about car audio system.?...  alright i wired up my system and everything but i have whirring in the speakers (alternator noise increasing with revs).

ok so i ran the remote wire (power wire coming from stereo) beside the rca cable should i have done that or should i have ran it with the power wire?
i ran the rcas (rockford fosgate 20 ft.) on the right side along with the remote wire from stereo. ok and then the power wire goes on the left side then across the middle (i have amp under drivers and side seat. the one under drivers (left im usa) is for subs which pick up no interference but under passenger for speakers they pick up interference including the dome light, the turn signals. and the a/c. (it picks up the dome light and turn lights when the car is only on ignition but not on.
oh and it does it with the dash out
yes! i finally figured it out after like 2 months!!!! i turned the gain up way to high. im so glad i figured it out omg yes!!! now ill know what to tell freinds who wire everything right and everything im so glad i figured this out cuz i was just about to give up and probly pay $50 to get someone to do it yes!!

1)   Sounds like frequency interference. you should run amp power wire on drivers side of the vehicle and the rca head unit things to the amp on the right side so it wont interfere. - Gregory House

2)   provided the rca cable is shielded it wont be that, its likely a bad earth or short behind the headunit. take the headunit out and make sure all the wires are properly connected and insulated so nothing can disconnect/short when you push it back into the dash

in response to your further info - the amp is under the seat. is the amp body earthed to the car or is it just sitting on the carpet? some amps require the metal casing to be touching the metal of the car body. try connecting a wire between the two. - shaun



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